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Better than Justin.

05.13.13 3

Pepsi Beyoncé “Mirrors” - Official 2013 video - #BeyHereNow (by Pepsi)

04.05.13 2


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Demi Lovato Performs “Heart Attack” (HQ)

04.02.13 221

Demi Lovato: All I Want For Christmas Is You, Christmas in Washington (HQ) (by ohyeahlovato)

12.24.12 5

Lovato opens up about rehab in this preview clip from the upcoming episode of “This Is How I Made It.”

12.13.12 2

Craig Owens music video for his cover of “Paradise,” originally by Coldplay premiered yesterday on MTV Buzzworthy, have you watched it? Watch and reblog and you will be automatically be entered to win your own copy of Punk Goes Pop 5!

12.13.12 53


Merry Christmas from The Alvarados!

Jingle Bells - Us

12.06.12 833

South Beach Tow - Kar-azay (by truTVnetwork)

10.19.12 3

"Somebody That I Used to Know" - Gotye (ft. Max Schneider) (by KurtHugoSchneider)

10.15.12 5

Princess and the Frog - “Almost There” - Full Video (by yuiidragon)

07.17.12 12

Adrienne Bailon - What If

04.26.12 2

Opening Your Day: Zaboomafoo

04.24.12 15

McClain Sisters - Rise (by tkirby2010)

yes, I’m aware of the fact that I can’t really sing. lol

04.23.12 2

'It DOESN'T Get Better' 4 People Who H8 Gays via

04.19.12 2